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Ronda Green

Hi, I’m Ronda!  My husband Jeff and I own and operate 7 Point Nutrition here in Utah.  I am a NASM Certified Nutrition Specialist with a degree in Business Management.  I love helping people adapt to a healthier lifestyle, feel better and achieve their goals.  My 2nd passion is advocating for cannabis and educating on the health benefits of CBD!   


I’ve always been a very active and driven person.  I played every sport I could growing up, owned a gym with Jeff at 21 years of age, ran a marathon 9 months after having baby, and then moved across the country at 36 to Utah to open supplement stores!  Crazy, right!??  Talk about a leap of faith!  Besides marrying Jeff at 19, that was the scariest decision of my life.  But, so glad we did, we love our new home in Utah!  (don’t tell Jeff I was scared to marry him that young…mmmmk?!) 

I am a firm believer in living with BALANCE!!  Being fit and living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean eating chicken and broccoli every single meal, every single day!  It’s about finding a good balance in all aspects of life.  Finding exercise you love, healthy food to eat and squeezing in a cookie here and there with enough will power to not overdue it!  

We’ve been supporting our community for over 9 years in this business and we continue to learn and evolve.  We want all of our clients to succeed, and we strive to provide a fun, and effective environment to do so. I’d love to chat with you about your goals and see how i can help you!


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