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Are you ready to make a change for your health? Whether its weight loss, or just accountability, our nutritionists are here to help you reach your goals.

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What is our program all about?

Welcome to 7 Point Nutrition’s Coaching Programs! We offer full service Nutrition Coaching Programs and have Certified Nutrition Specialists ready to help you, in person or online!  We are located in the Salt Lake City area, however have clients from across the country! Our 7 Point Coaching Programs takes all the guess work out of nutrition and we create a program specifically designed around you, your goals and lifestyle! 
We start with your FREE consultation.  We then dig into your goals and get to know you, your lifestyle, food likes/dislikes and more to start planning our attack!  This will give us a good road map of what we need to accomplish together.  

Then the process begins by leading your through a 5 phased approach, giving you all the tools necessary to create permanent change. 
The 5 Phases:
1.  Building the Framework – using our TAPS Formula
2.  Balanced Empowerment
3.  Breaking Down Barriers – revolving around our MBC Principle
4.  Self Sufficiency
5.  Permanent Healthy Lifestyle Living 
Our Certified Coaches are dedicated to your success and are here for you every step of the way! We provide you all the tools and support you’ll need to see success. This includes: free consultations, customized meal plans, customized workout plans, supplement recommendations, educational lesson plans, statistic tracking and more! 
All of which is easily accessible through our mobile phone app. We want to be your partner and are ready to help you take the 1st steps towards the NEW YOU!

What Are The Seven Points?

  1. Mindset
  2. Balanced Nutrition
  3. Sufficient Hydration
  4. Proper Sleep
  5. Regular Exercise
  6. Balanced Hormones
  7. Support System

All seven points are crucial to your success. Together with our certified coaches and the 7 point system, we will be able to help you successfully achieve your goals.

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