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Lexi Wilcox: In Person & Online Coaching

Hi Everyone!my name is Lexi! I feel incredibly blessed to be in an environment all about inspiring individuals like you to take a stand for yourself and drastically improve your life mentally, physically, and emotionally!

My story begins at the age of two sitting in my high-chair asking "mommy where did this come from?" and pushing it away if she said anything other than the tree or the ground. That proceeded until the age of 6 where I decided to go vegetarian.  Not long after I began living a vegan lifestyle. I was amazed at the human body. I spent my time watching documentaries or reading any health/nutrition book I could find. All was good until I was slammed with the confusing truth of my health.. 144 food allergies, candida, celiac, prediabetic, you name it. All that lead me to one question, "What was I doing wrong, and what did I need to change?"

I spent years battling this question until I finally figured it out and took control of my health.

I have danced competitively my entire life and was fascinated by muscles and the way the body moves and functions. I started weight training about 6 years ago to learn more which eventually turned into getting my personal training certification and helping individuals gain the confidence they desired through exercise and nutrition.

I am now happily married to the man of my dreams; following my passion and empowering all those around me to live their life to the fullest!

I'd love the opportunity to help you in your health quest!  I'm located in the Salt Lake City area but offer coaching anywhere online.  Click the button below and schedule some time for us to visit.

Coach Lexi

Coach Lexi