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A Review Of How It Works

A Review Of How It Works

A review of how this all works

1. W E E K L Y  F O C U S

Each week will be a different challenge to help you build behaviors that focus on mindset, managing
calories, detox and adding nutrients to your daily diet. Each week builds on the next.

2. C H A L L E N G E  F L O W

Each weekly challenge will have a corresponding Module in this Portal that will walk you through each week’s
focus. There will be an overview video from one of our Coaches, an educational guide and a Tool Kit
where you’ll find the tools for that week’s challenge activities.   All these materials will be downloadable for you.

 3. J O I N  I N  O N  T H E  F U N

The challenge is hosted in the Facebook group!  You’ll have more fun and get better results by
becoming an active member of the Kick-Start Challenge group!  We encourage you to post inside the
Facebook group often for accountability, support and camaraderie with our community! 

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