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Coach Hadlei explains The Golden Rules of Weight Management

Learn these 3 basic guidelines to help you stay on top of your health and weight goals.

Hadlei Allen: Online Coach

Hey everyone, my name is Hadlei and I’m glad you’re here! I was born and raised in Utah but am now located in Arizona with my husband, daughter and our two Golden Retrievers, Rock and Kobe. I’m pretty basic when it comes to things I like…I love the outdoors, long walks through Target and some good coffee! 

I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelors in Public Health and an Associates in Exercise Science. I am also a NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I’ve been working as a coach for several years now and feel so blessed to be in such a rewarding career. I truly enjoy helping others better their lives through the implementation of the 7 Points of Health. 

I grew up dancing and quickly developed a passion for health and fitness. Unfortunately, like many in today’s society, I too have struggled with body image, self confidence and restrictive eating. I refuse to hide my struggles because it made me who I am today and led me to a position where I am able to help others seeking health and wellness. I will share my knowledge and provide you with the guidance and tools you need to be successful. 

My coaching style is based around my personal experience with fitness and nutrition. I strive to help my clients eliminate the guilt and restrictive mentality around eating. You can still live a healthy lifestyle, eat foods you love and get the results you want without going to any extremes. I am a firm believer in allowing flexibility and having balance in all things. As my client, we will work side by side as a team and together we will create a plan that is sustainable and works well with your lifestyle. When taking this realistic approach, you will be able to maintain your results long term. 

My clients are my biggest motivator and keep me going with their success, I love to see the confidence and glow they achieve in the process of reaching their goals. I would love to get to know you, learn about your goals and see how I can help!

Hadlei Allen
7 Point Nutrition Coach
NASM Certified
Macro Coaching
Flexible Eating Coach
Online Coach

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